The polycinease film synthesis flow up from a vage science fiction idea of storing chronofiles, such as emails, calender items, pictures, movies, etc in a human body, figuring all implicit possibilities, consequences and possibly unjustified illusions.

The project tries to find potential osculation points between dna encoded and computer based information and subsequent reaction coupling. the concept of a synthesis of digital and natural code opens up a wide field of relevant questions that directly affect technical, philosophical, cultural and scientific studies.

In our experiments we investigate the change of binary code. i.e.: due to the ability of dna recombination of living organisms, the information of a dna encoded movie clip will mutate along (some of the) same lines as any dna encoded data in living organisms, mutations will visually be indicated. analogous explorations aim on the question on how dna sequences processed by our algorithms would express movie clips.

In a simplified manner one could think of the dna as the ultimate lifeform, that has constantly been building manifold wrappers around itself in all thinkable colors, shapes and functions, in an almost inapprehensible complexity for some millions of years – pieces of code in ongoing evolutionary processes. or considering the genome as ultimate computer: dna encoded information as natures dynamic software that not only updates itself but also the surrounding hardware environment.